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Jan 19, 2015

With longan and lotus seeds, the Vietnamese can create a kind of special-flavor tea. It is considered the quintessence of the heaven and earth. The tea is aromatically fragrant with an original flavor.

Longan and lotus tea is a nourishing drink with natural sweetness. When both of the ingredients combined, it is effective in fighting against anemia and fatigue, and boosting energy levels. Or in other words, they are good in building blood and regenerating Qi. It has a pleasant taste and high nutritional value, and is recognized as valuable medicinal herb.

Containing longan fruit pieces and lotus seeds, this kind of tea is fragrant with a full-bodied taste. The original and naturally flavored beverage is rich in glucose, sucrose, proteins, and other minerals. Longan flesh is sweet and contains niacin, which aids metabolism and keeps the skin, nervous, and digestive systems healthy. Lotus seeds can treat nervous depression and sleeplessness. Both of them are ingredients easily find out in the local market. That is one of the reason why it becomes Best Vietnamese Food in our country.
Vietnamese drink - Elegant flavor with longan and lotus tea

Sen is in full bloom season, fragrant wind-covered lands Neurology, this is also the time when mothers choose Hue fresh lotus seeds for cooking small family. According to the experiences of her mother, to cook a bowl of lotus tea "very Hue" to choose the lotus seeds "Defence" fresh, all round, still in plastic and fragrant Tinh Tam lake. (Hue especially the land of lotus but the best is still sen sen Tinh Tam lake: lotus "the King").

According to history books, Lotus tea is a daily dish of Nguyen kings. In folklore, Lotus tea is also one of those dishes that she often reminded him "le le Commerce husband porridge / soup cook cooking of lotus seed cotton." Thus, lotus seed is not only delicious food, beverage but also as medicine, by the body. Lotus seeds help with attention, sedation, so for the intellectual labor, insomnia, loss of appetite, balanced nutrition for the body.

The flavoured tea is tasty and refreshing; and can easily satisfy your thirst as well as refresh your minds. The rich composition of natural nutrient factors entails the tea with healthy characters, which makes you keep up your spirits among the clean, free and happy mood. If you would like to make a cup of the flavoured tea yourself, you are able to try the simple direction as follows:
Vietnamese drink - Elegant flavor with longan and lotus tea


12 lotus seeds, washed and cooked

10 longan fruit pieces, pitted

5 cups of water


1. Boil and simmer ingredients in 5 cups of water for 45 minutes until the liquid is fragrant and tasty.

2. Serve warm.

When you are in Vietnam, this kind of tea should be a must try of Vietnamese local product. The taste is excellent and it is a health drink. It could help ease sleep problem if you drink a cup of longan and lotus tea before going to bed.
Source: Cinet/ Vietnam beauty

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