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Jan 13, 2015

On 23 Jan 2015, Viet Nam Cultural Center in France (CCV) will held a program introducing “Vietnamese cultural heritage and tourism development” in Salons Hoche, Paris, France. 

According to CCV, the event is the first activity in the Master Plan on tourism promotion in Europe in 2015-2017 period and organized just before Viet Nam signing bilateral cooperation agreement on tourism development with Spain and taking part in International World Market Madrid 2015 in Madrid, Spain. Moreover, it is an opportunity to enhance luring French and European tourists and investors into Viet Nam.
CCV to introduce Viet Nam’s cultural heritage and tourism in France

The program is expected to involve the presence of Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade, Tourism Promotion and oversea French (under French Ministry of Foreign Affairs); representatives of French Tourism Promotion Agency, Chamber of commerce Paris Ile de France; 10 leading travel agencies sending tourists to Viet Nam; 02 cruise travel agencies; 60 French travel agencies ; 05 leading travel agencies sending Vietnamese tourists to France; representatives of  foreign airlines in Paris operating flights to Viet Nam; representative of big Labor Unions in France; Leaders of Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; representative of Vietnamese Embassy in France, the Permanent Delegations to UNESCO, Vietnamese offices in France; Vietnamese tourism enterprises; representatives of Vietnam Airlines in Paris and the Association of oversea Vietnamese in France.

Besides the program introducing “Vietnamese cultural heritage and tourism development”, leaders of Viet Nam tourism delegation will have meetings with French senior officials on bilateral tourism cooperation in 2015 – 2017, a number of leading French travel agencies sending tourist to Viet Nam and local media agencies. Furthermore, the delegation will survey some typical cultural institutions in Ile de France and learn more about management at some destinations in Paris.
Source: TITC - Thanh Tam

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