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Jan 20, 2015

Khanh Hoa has one more destination which supplies tourist products associated with health care. It’s Cam Ranh Hot Spring, just opened by Cam Ranh Hot Spring Joint Stock Company.

The tourist area is located on the National Way 1A, 1 kilometer from the center of Cam Ranh City. Featuring a hot mineral water resource, Cam Ranh Hot Spring is a new destination for mineral water bath and mud bath in Khanh Hoa.

Hot mineral water swimming pool at Cam Ranh Hot Spring
Hot mineral water swimming pool at Cam Ranh Hot Spring
Covering an area of over 2 hectares, Cam Ranh Hot Spring comprises sectors for reception, mineral bath, mud bath, hydrotherapy, spa, herbal bath, swimming pool, restaurant and hotel. With Vietnamese-style architecture using natural materials such as gravels, stones, wood, bamboos and flowers, the place brings tourists a feeling close to the nature. The restaurant here serves visitors many delicious dishes, especially rural ones such as clay pot rice, field crab hot pot, ostrich grilled in bamboo culinder, veal, chicken eggs bolit in hot mineral water and fresh seafood. Particularly, hot gruel will be served free for all customers to the tourist area after using services.

According to Director of the company Pham Van Thanh, Cam Ranh Hot Spring is a destination not only for mineral and mud bath, but also towards health care. The mineral water source is taken from a depth of 60 meters, at 700oC temperature, qualified for prescribed standards, having medical properties and improving health. At present, the tourist area has 3 big swimming pools with 1,000 sq.m. in area, 15 lakes for hot mineral water soak, 20 rooms for herbal soak and sauna, and 27 tubs for mud bath. It welcomes about 13,000 visitors every month. To diversify tourist products, the hot spring also organizes tours combining with discovery in Binh Ba Island (in Cam Ranh City) and Vinh Hy (in Ninh Thuan Province).

Aiming to strengthen health care services, Cam Ranh Hot Spring has launched services of rehabilitation, therapy and traditional remedy. In June, 2014, a Treatment and Rehabilitation Center was built on an area of 1,200 sq.m. in it. The center received nearly 100 patients each month. Le Thi Phuc, in Cam Thuan Ward, Cam Ranh City, said, “I had paints in cervical spine, back and feet for many years. I’ve come here for rehabilitation associated with herbal steaming and swimming in hot water pools. After 3 months, my paints have eased up sharply.”

Besides, Cam Ranh Hot Spring Joint Stock Company has finished a body purifying sector open free for Vietnamese victims of Orange Agent in early 2015. The sector has 50 beds.

In brief, Cam Ranh Hot Spring is a new destination, partly enriching tourist services in Khanh Hoa Province.
Nha Trang Beaches in Khanh Hoa province

Source: Bao Khah Hoa - T.T

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