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The Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) on January 9 launched a tourism promotion programme on social media Youtube channel following  the link : 

The programme will significantly contribute to meeting the demand of domestic and foreign readers who want to update Vietnam’s travel information.

Accordingly, when accessing Youtube channel, the public will be free updated all news, videos, and short films about Vietnamese tourism with high-quality images and audios.

The Administration confirmed that through the channel, the comments and reviews of the public on tourism destinations will be acknowledged to contribute to diversifying the programme.

Currently, to learn about Vietnam’s travel information, domestic and international travellers can access VNAT’s official website such as: www.vietnamtourism.com,  www.vietnamtourism.gov.vn,  www.vietnamtourism-info.com,  www.vietnam-tourism.com, and www.dulichvn.org.vn .

In 2014, Vietnamese State Steering Committee on Tourism also implemented a number of tourism promotion activities at major destinations to attract more tourists.

Total revenue from tourism industry hit a high record of VND230,000 billion last year, up 15% compared to the same period of 2013.

The country welcomed more than 7.8 million international visitors (up 5.64%) and served 37.5 million domestic tourists (up 7.14%).
Source: VOV
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