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Lam Dong is a province located in Central Highland, which is famous for imposing natural beauty and poetic city of Da Lat. With a lot of amazing landscapes, the province is specially featured with pristine and impressive waterfalls.

Perched in the Central Highlands, Lam Dong Province has a plethora of falls situated around the capital city of Da Lat. These falls are some of the province’s biggest draws. Elephant Falls, a short bus ride from Da Lat, drop almost 100 feet through a remote patch of forest. In the dry season, though, Rough Guide advises heading to Dambri Falls, where the waters still surge through an area thick with tea and coffee plantations. Pongour Falls, 30 miles from Dalat City in an area of unspoiled forest, drop 65 feet over seven tiers. A festival takes place here on January 15 each year.

Here are 5 best waterfalls located in Lam Dong.

1.    Camly Waterfall
Camly Waterfall

Camly is a part of Cam Le Stream, over 2km from the west of Da Lat City. The name “Camly” was called after a tribal chief K’Mly, whom has a very important role in local people’s life in here.
Camly fall is 10 meters high, wrapped up by green pine tree forests. The waterfall is not famous for its imposing attraction, but its beautiful surroundings. In addition, it is situated in the central of Da Lat, so it is quite famous among tourists. Surrounded by immense and stunning pine tree forests, Camly is also highlighted by a colorful flower garden and small bridges across the stream. In rainy season, Camly become stronger with fierce cascade, white foam covering a large area. The image of Camly Waterfall has been used a lot in poems, songs and paintings. It is a cultural symbol of Da Lat City.

2.    Prenn Waterfall
 Prenn Waterfall

Prenn waterfall is located in Prenn Pass. With the height of 10 meters, Prenn is impressed by its sweet beauty. The water falls into a lovely lake, surrounded by a pine tree hill and beautiful flower gardens. You can walk through the fall on a small bridge, to experience the feeling of fresh water, cool air splashing to your clothes. From the fall, you can also go to amazing hills, flower gardens, unique tree houses or the zoo nearby.

3.    Datanla Waterfall
Datanla Waterfall

Datanla waterfall is located about 5km from Da Lat, with a total area of 312ha including a preserved forest. The fall was called “Da Tam N’nha” in Kho ethnic minority language which means “stream under the leaves”. At the foot of the waterfall, Dalanta stream flow slowly through rocky cliffs, and then flow onto a deep hole called deadly abyss located between two vertical cliffs with the height of over 40m.
You can visit Datanla and try some outdoor activities in here such as climbing the cliffs, going through the fall or exploring the pristine forest.

4.    Pongour Waterfall

Pongour Waterfall
Pongour waterfall is named by a French which means master of kaolin area. Located about 50 km south of Dalat, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful and imposing falls in the West Highland with about 40 km in height and over 100 m in width. Surrounded by 25 ha unspoiled forest, the waterfall slips into numerous sandstones stepping from top to bottom. Its massive water powerfully falling down seven floors produces sonorous sounds that can be heard from miles around.
Every year, Pongour is the place to hold a lot of local festivals such as Goong Festival, Buffalo stabbing, folk games, Thai dancing, etc.

5.    Dambri Waterfall

Dambri waterfall located in Northwwest Bao Loc Town is the highest waterfall in Lam Dong (75m). The water has a legend about beautiful young love between two people in different tribes. In Kh’ho language, Dambri means waiting.
Dambri Waterfall

Dambri looks imposing from a far distance. From the top of the waterfall, a giant volume of water pours down with very white foams. If tourists view the waterfall from a low position, tens of rainbows, created by water and sunlight, will be seen. It is situated in the middle of forbidden forest with variety of rare animals and plants. Visiting the waterfall, you will have chance to admire the wild natural beauty, featured with fossil caves, primeval forests, Monkey Island. You can also visit zoos, animal circus, etc.


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