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Dec 12, 2014

The Crazy House was formally called “Hang Nga Villa”; the change of name was made because some people copied its original name for their buildings.

Since the end of the last century till now, nature and the environment have been too much destroyed; and human beings have taken the consequences of what they have done. For this reason, as a Vietnamese architect, I would like to bring people back to nature to be more friendly with it, to love it; not just to make full use of it, then destroy it as people in many places of the world including Viet Nam have been doing.

Otherwise known as the “Crazy House,” this Gaudi-meets-Sesame Street theme park is one not to miss. It’s a wild mass of wood and wire fashioned into the shape of a giant tree house and smoothed over in concrete. It sounds simple, but there’s a vision to this chaos; just ask the eccentric owner/proprietor and chief architect, Ms. Dang Viet Nga. Daughter of aristocracy, Ms. Nga is well heeled after early schooling in China and has a degree in architecture from university in Moscow.

It was converted into a hotel, where rooms are available for around £40 a night, as a way of dealing with the huge losses it incurred. It now attracts 90,000 visitors a year.
It contains ten rooms, each of which are themed after a different animal, including the ant, tiger, kangaroo and bear.

At first it caused quite a stir with the locals, but they have since grown to appreciate the odd construction

Commencing from December 01, 2014 Crazy House is open for visitors from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM daily (including Saturday, Sunday, Holidays).
Location: Dalat , Vietnam
Address: 03 Huynh Thuc Khang
Telephone: +84 63 382 2070
Admission: 40,000d

Some comments:
By Kieran Corcoran
It may look more like a Disneyland attraction than a place you would actually live.
But, believe it or not, this topsy-turvy piece of work is actually a hotel in Vietnam, known locally as The Crazy House.
Designed by eccentric architect Dang Viet Nga, and described by some as 'expressionist', the bizarre building in Da Lat City is covered in bizarre wooden sculpture, features a life-size model tiger to leer at guests, and contains no square windows.

By business manager Thang Viet Nguyen:
'At the beginning most of people did not accept Crazy House because it was too abnormal, odd, and strange.
'Gradually people understand it more, little by little.
'Now Crazy House has become acceptable, and is a place that attracts tourists from many other countries.'

Ms Dang, who is said to draw paintings of her ideas then give them to local craftsmen to make a reality, said the design of the house is aobut bringing people back in touch with nature.

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