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Dec 26, 2014

Cao Thon craft village in the northern province of Hung Yen is among the largest incense-making villages in Vietnam.

New Year is a sweet-smelling, smoky time for all, but in one village in Hung Yen Province, it is a non-stop effort of work to make the incense sticks the rest of the country in the new year.
Villagers in Cao Thon, Bao Khe Commune share a generations-old craft, each household turning out twenty-to-thirty thousand sticks a day, using a time-tested mix of sawdust, cinnamon, sandalwood and sunshine. Production, by some 70 percent of the commune's households, begins in earnest in October, with rain deciding the days off.

The basic materials for making incense is the glue wire was purchased from Yen Bai, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa ... and even in the South. Wire glue is pulverized, then mixed with herbs such as rhubarb trans, trans-regulation, monitoring chlorophyll juniper, cypress, white parts only, cloves, raven beak. Depending on the workers that produce the fragrant flavors by mixing different for each person is different. 

Most of the stages of preparation of medicines, se, compression must be carried out by manual methods. The stage requires the attention of the workers, it's all right, really precise, the new product is the best. Incense is done exposing on the grill, sun and wind will dry flavor, nice color but the same smell. Then exposed to a sunny day, the sun shade to dry for two to three days. They avoid putting notes through the fire because it will lose the smell of incense. The thoughtful, stern of workers in each stage is the key to making the brand high flavor Village.

On the day of Tet Cao Thon see real village atmosphere boisterous. Even from outside the Highway 39 were closely booths selling native herd, all sorts of cinnamon, black incense, incense round, tan beans flavored aroma of incense ... blocking KAP place. In the village, the scene was very labor urgently. Since the baby was only in grade one, grade two and the old lady with white hair, tooth loss, someone get a bad press service produced its best season in years. Both villages have 120/190 households flavor. Work hard not to be able to take advantage of all sources of labor in the village, from the elderly to young children can do.

To meet the increasing demand of the consumers, the whole village constantly improved design, improve product quality, promote products more widely. One of the basis of large-scale production of high current village next to the base of the fragrance world Hung Dao Van Body. Currently this facility has been built workshop attracted over 40 regular employees, there are stores and product introduction in Hanoi, often export goods to India.

Incense from Cao Thon Village is much sought after for its quality and will be burned throughout the country.

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