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Feb 12, 2015

Thrillist website has listed Ho Coc Beach in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, southern Vietnam, among the top 12 most unbelievably cheap paradises on earth.
Ho Coc, Vung Tau

Ranked in 8th place, the area is a very small beach community with tight-knit locals.

“You could guide tours through its 11,000-hectare tropical forest or go snorkeling in its tropical reefs or just enjoy being on a beach that's nearly deserted on weekdays and pay rent that's US$6 a day,” says the magazine.

Thrillist also suggested that tourists should check out the Binh Chau Hot Springs, where several lakes and a mineral-rich aquifer converge into a swim treat that stays near 80 degrees year round.

Rounding the list of top 12 include Avarua of Cook Islands, Český Krumlov of the Czech Republic, Koh Tonsay of Cambodia, Guanajuato of Mexico, Pearl Islands of Panama, Agonda Beach in Goa of India, Veliko Tarnovo of Bulgaria, Hainan Island of China, Ksamil Beach of Albania, Iquitos of Peru, and Las Trancas of Chile.

Long Beach on Phu Quoc Island is also in the list of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, ranked sixth out of 13 beaches.

According to the description of Thrillist, this is an unpolished and undeveloped beach. “This beach falls into the 1970s amateur category, but there's still a surprisingly large audience for that. If your fetish is white-sand beach surrounded by a full jungle, this is your jam,” it wrote.

The site suggested tourists try backroads for motorbiking, kayaking and beachside massage.

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